Supercharge Your Website UsingPremium Blocks for Gutenberg

An ever-growing Gutenberg Blocks library which will help you build professional pages and even complete websites using new WordPress editor: Gutenberg with absolutely no coding required.

Create Pages and Blog Posts UsingGutenberg Blocks Collection

As Gutenberg becomes the default editor for WordPress it became a necessity for all web developers to have useful and creative Gutenberg blocks to help them create pages and blog posts.

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Section Block

Create eye-catching sections using Premium Section Block

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Video Box Block

Add playable videos to your page with no coding required

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Icon Box Block

Show off a short brief about the services you provide

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Icon Block

Use Font Awesome & WordPress dash icons

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Dual Heading Block

Have a great looking headings with Dual Heading Block

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Testimonials Block

Enhance your website with user testimonials block for Gutenberg

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Button Block

This is the best tool to have attractive looking buttons on your website

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Google Maps Block

Add and customize Google Maps directly inside Gutenberg

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Banner Block

Create great call to actions using Banner Block

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Accordion Block

Include more data in small area using Accordion Block

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Counter Block

Show your own facts and figures with cool animation

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Pricing Table Block

The best way to display your pricing in a modern way

Premium Blocks Plugin is100% Gutenberg Ready

All blocks have been developed especially for Gutenberg WordPress editor and they are 100% compatible with it. You can relay on Premium Blocks for building your next blog/website using Gutenberg to get a professional, yet blazing fast website.

Real Reviews with 5 Stars Ratings fromUsers Who Loves Premium Blocks

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Indeed this is truly free for beginner just to make their food out of their tiny life. so u just feed the poor



The additional blocks from this plugin are a great addition to the Gutenberg editor!



Thanks for putting up your time to make this. This is a great gutenberg extension.



We Are Here to Make It Easier for YouFrequently Asked Questions

Does Premium Blocks Works as a Standalone Plugin?

No, you cannot use Premium Blocks without using Gutenberg as a text editor.

Does This Plugin Contain Ads?

No, Premium Blocks for Gutenberg is 100% Ads Free. Ads could be found only in blocks like Video Box as it will be related to the video itself.

Is Premium Blocks Free?

Yes, Premium Blocks for Gutenberg is totally free of charge.

Does It Work With Any WordPress Theme?

Yes, it works good with any theme as long as your are using Gutenberg as a text editor.

Will This Plugin Slow Down My Website Speed?

Premium Blocks for Gutenberg is light weight.

How Often Do You Update Premium Blocks?

We are committed to update Premium Blocks weekly as we always add enhancements to the existing blocks according to the feedback we collect from users by adding new blocks and fixing bugs and compatibility issues whenever discovered.

Download The Plugin Now For Free..!

Extend your Gutenberg capabilities now with Premium Blocks with more than 10 Gutenberg blocks totally free of charge.