Icon Box Block for Gutenberg

Gutenberg Icon Box Block

Icon Box block for Gutenberg is the best way to show off a short brief about the services you provide. You can use Font Awesome icons, WordPress Dashicons or you can upload custom images. In addition, You can use it with a background color or image. And now, what are you waiting for? Try it now!

Give Your Icon Box Another Look by Using Custom Icons

You are not limited by using WordPress Dashicons or Font Awesome Icons as you will be able to add your own favorite custom images.

Image Icon

Salmon Steak

Not only WordPress Dashicons or Font Awesome Icons! You will be able to upload your own custom icons.

Image Icon


Icon Box Block for Gutenberg is fully responsive. It works very well on wide and small screens. Try it now!

Image Icon


Gutenberg Icon Box Block is the best choice for you to represent the services you provide.

Image Icon


In Icon Box Block you will find a variety of customization options such as icon size, font style, and colors.

Image Icon


Premium Icon Box Block is completely easy to use. Give it a try and we promise that you’ll love it!

You Can Choose from Font Awesome Icons

Use Premium Icon Box Block with whatever content you want as you will have the ability to enable/disable the icon, title, description, and the call to action. The following example has no title, check it out!

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Or, Add WordPress Dashicons to Your Icon Box

Make your Icon Box Block look more attractive by adding a hover effect to the icon, and the main button as we have added 6 hover effects to the icon and 4 hover effects to the main button.

Regularly Updated

We are committed to update Premium Blocks weekly.


Premium Blocks for Gutenberg is fully customizable. Try it Now!

Well Documented

Our goal is to make everything for you as clear as possible.

Icon Box Background Images are Available!

Use background images for your Premium Icon Box Block instead of using just a solid color. In addition, you will have the ability to manage background position and choose whether if you want it fixed or not.

Santorini Island

By using Icon Box Block you will be able to choose whether if you want a background image or just a solid color.

Taj Mahal

Icon Box Block for Gutenberg will let you decide whether if you want to use a fixed background or not.

Eiffel Tower

Premium Icon Box Block for Gutenberg is totally free. Give it a try and let us know your opinion about it.

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