Gutenberg Lottie Animations Block

For The Popular WordPress Gutenberg Editor

Seamless Integration

Add Lottie Animations to your WordPress Gutenberg-based website easily with no need to add a single line of custom code.

Super Fast and Lightweight

Lottie animations are all about vector graphics which will keep your website’s loading times fast and smooth.

Advanced Customization

Control the animation speed, loop settings, triggers, and more to perfectly match your website’s design and spirit.

A Sense of Motion

Bring Life to Your WordPress WebsiteUsing Lottie Animations Block for Gutenberg Editor

Integrate stunning Lottie animations right into your WordPress website’s content, adding a touch of dynamism and visual interest to your web pages. With access to millions of high-quality animations available on, you can find the perfect element to complement your brand identity and message. Let the Lottie Animations block elevate your WordPress website and create a truly immersive and engaging online experience for your visitors.

Animation Speed Control

Tailor the Lottie Animation’s speed to perfectly match the rhythm of your content.

Make It Work on Hover

Make your Lottie Animations work on hover to create engaging user experiences.

Scroll and View Port Triggers

Let your Lottie Animations be played based on scrolling or element visibility.

Loop and Reverse Controls

Set your Lottie Animations to loop continuously or make it play in reverse.

Lightweight and Fast Loading

The Benefits of Using Lottie Files on a WordPress Website

Unlike bulky GIFs or video files, Lottie animations are vector-based and use JSON code, resulting in a much smaller file size. This ensures your WordPress website loads quickly and offers a smooth user experience, even on slower connections. Additionally, the LottieFiles are resolution-independent, meaning they can be scaled to any size without losing quality. With access to millions of high-quality animations available on, you can easily find the perfect element to complement your brand and message.

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User Engagement

Boost Your WordPress Website’s Visual AppealWith The Power of Lottie Animations Block for Gutenberg Editor

Lottie animations can be your secret weapon! Simply, you will get the ability to add dynamic and eye-catching animations which will cause transforming your Gutenberg website from static to captivating. This not only grabs visitor attention but also creates a more interactive and engaging experience, keeping them glued to your content and ultimately driving higher engagement with your WordPress Gutenberg-based website.

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Engage Visitors With Captivating AnimationsAll Without Compromising Your WordPress Website Performance

Supercharge your Gutenberg website with interactive elements that hold attention and ignite user engagement. Lottie animations offer a powerful solution, delivering smooth, captivating motion graphics in a lightweight format. Increase conversions, enhance user experience, and stand out from the crowd – all with the magic of LottieFiles.

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