Gutenberg Post Carousel Block

Turn Your Gutenberg Blog Posts Into a Captivating Stream

Effortless Navigation

Choose between intuitive navigation arrows or subtle navigation dots to seamlessly control the flow of your showcased Gutenberg blog posts.

Highly Customizable

Select the number of posts displayed, customize the scrolling speed, and even select the layout that best complements your website’s design.

Grabs Attraction

The interactive nature of swiping through content encourages visitors to explore further, potentially leading them to discover hidden gems within your blog.

Stop Scrolling, Start Swiping

Use Post Carousel Block for Subtle NavigationSwipe Through Your Blog Posts Using Navigation Dots

These unobtrusive circles or indicators appear underneath your showcased blog posts’ content, providing a clear yet visually appealing way for readers to navigate. Viewers can effortlessly track their position within the carousel and switch between posts with a simple click or tap. This minimalist design keeps the focus squarely on your captivating content, ensuring a seamless and distraction-free reading experience.

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Gutenberg Post Carousel Block

Supercharge Your WordPress Website

Download Premium BlocksThe Free WordPress Plugin

Creating amazing-looking WordPress websites within the intuitive Gutenberg editor using Premium Blocks for Gutenberg.

Post Carousel Block for Gutenberg Editor

Carousel Them Up!

Intuitive Navigation for Gutenberg Post Carousel BlockUse Navigation Arrows to Guide Website Readers Through Your Blog Posts

Transform your blog into an interactive story with the Post Carousel block’s intuitive navigation arrows. These prominent arrows stand sentinel on either side of the carousel, beckoning visitors to take control of the narrative. With a simple swipe or click, readers can embark on a personalized journey through your content, exploring posts at their own pace. This user-friendly navigation empowers them to become active participants in your storytelling, fostering a deeper connection with your blog and its captivating content.


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Level Up Your WordPress Website

High PerformanceIs Our Paramount

Reliable and Secure

Premium Blocks prioritize stability and security, ensuring your content remains safe and accessible.

Cutting-Edge Updates

Constantly evolving, delivering new features and enhancements to optimize your creation experience.


Proudly crafted for speed, ensuring your website loads quickly and delivers a smooth user experience.

Well Documented

Never get lost! Find comprehensive documentation and resources to guide you every step of the way.

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