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Team Member Block Got Improved Added Variations

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The Team Member block for Gutenberg is a great way to demonstrate team members, employees, contributors, etc. on your website including their names, social media links, brief, and much more options.

Premium Team Member Block Layout

Team Member Block has 3 variations layout. you can choose different predefined layouts. Each block variation is differentiated from the others by setting some initial attributes or inner blocks. Then at the time when a block is inserted these attributes and/or inner blocks are applied. you can change the variation after you add from edit icon in toolbar, which instantly updates the block’s appearance and structure. This enables you to experiment with different designs without starting from scratch.

Benefits of using variations

  • Block variations can save you time by allowing you to create pre-made layouts and styles that you can use over and over again.
  • Block variations give you more flexibility in how you create and style your content.