Gutenberg Testimonial Block Tutorial

Customer Testimonials speak louder than words and even louder than the company’s own business and actions. Taking great WordPress testimonials and integrating them into Premium Testimonials Block will boost your reputation, ultimately improving sales revenue.

Testimonial Gutenberg Block Layout

Organize your testimonials with nested blocks, including images, text, and author information, for a cohesive and engaging layout.

  1. Image Block
  2. Text Block
  3. Author Block

Style Settings for Testimonial Gutenberg Block

Personalize the look and feel of your testimonials with customized styles for quotations and the container, enhancing their impact and integration with your site’s design.

Quotations Style for Gutenberg Testimonial Block

Adjust the size, color, and opacity of quotation marks to make your testimonials pop and resonate more with your audience.

  1. Size (EM)
  2. Quotations Color
  3. Opacity

Container Style for Gutenberg Testimonial Block

Fine-tune the background, box shadow, and padding of your testimonial container for a polished and professional appearance.

  1. Background Type
  2. Box Shadow
  3. Padding


Gutenberg Testimonial Block Tutorial provides a comprehensive guide to integrating and styling customer testimonials on your website. Testimonials not only enhance your credibility but also play a crucial role in influencing potential customers. With the right customization, your testimonials can become a key element of your site, reflecting your brand’s success and customer satisfaction. Check out the demo page for inspiration and begin transforming your website with impactful testimonials today.

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