Gutenberg Pricing Table Block Tutorial


Gutenberg Pricing Table Block tutorial by Premium Blocks is a comprehensive guide tailored for WordPress website owners aiming to enhance their online presence with clear and engaging pricing tables. It details the creation process within the Gutenberg editor, emphasizing customization to fit various business models. This tutorial not only assists in making pricing plans more attractive but also focuses on improving visitor conversion rates. Step-by-step instructions ensure that users can easily apply these practices, regardless of their technical skill level.


To get this Gutenberg block on your WordPress website, make sure to install and activate the following plugin(s).

  • Premium Blocks for Gutenberg – The Free WordPress Plugin.
  • Recommended* Kemet Full-Site-Editing WordPress Theme.

How to Use Gutenberg Pricing Table Block?

Gutenberg Pricing Table Block Support Inner Blocks. You have the option to add more fields with essential display options, including title, price, features, button, and badge settings, to capture your audience’s attention.

Gutenberg Pricing Table Block Layout Settings
  • Background Color: Adjust the table’s background color. The icon suggests the ability to select a color and possibly set a transparent background.
  • Box Shadow: Apply and customize a shadow around the table, likely with settings for color, blur, and spread.
  • Border: Choose the style of the border (solid, dotted, dashed, etc.) for the table.
  • Border Radius: Configure the roundness of each corner of the table, with individual settings for the top, right, bottom, and left.
  • Padding: Adjust the space between the cells’ content and their borders. Units for adjustment include pixels (PX), ems (EM), or percentages (%), with separate values for each side of the cell.
Gutenberg Pricing Table Block - Style Settings for your WordPress site design with the Gutenberg page builder.
Gutenberg Pricing Table Block – Style Settings


In conclusion, Gutenberg Pricing Table Block tutorial is a thorough guide for leveraging Gutenberg blocks within the WordPress editor to construct versatile and engaging pricing layouts. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, the step-by-step guidance ensures that you can seamlessly integrate inner blocks and utilize the diverse layout settings provided by the Gutenberg page builder. By capitalizing on these tools, you can effectively display pricing plans, enhance visitor engagement, and potentially improve conversion rates. Discover the full capabilities by checking out the available demo.

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