Gutenberg Entrance Animation Tutorial


Dive into the world of animation with the Gutenberg Entrance Animation Tutorial. Premium Blocks for Gutenberg unveils an exciting feature that empowers you to embed lively entrance animations into your dynamic WordPress content. From blocks and columns to entire sections, unlock the potential to mesmerize your audience with transitions like fading, zooming, bouncing, sliding, and rotating. This content animation tutorial is your pathway to activating and implementing these enthralling effects, providing you with the capabilities to make your content not only more visible but genuinely engaging for your visitors. Prepare to elevate your static pages to animated marvels, seamlessly blending elegance and innovation in interactive web design.


  • You will need Premium Blocks free plugin installed and activated on your website.
  • Also, make sure that this feature is enabled in Premium Blocks Settings.

How to Enable Gutenberg Entrance Animation Feature?

Head up to your WP Dashboard -> Premium Blocks tab -> Global Features tab and make sure that Entrance Animation feature is enabled.

How to apply Entrance Animation for Gutenberg?

Premium Entrance Animation for Gutenberg can be applied on any Gutenberg block. To apply those animations to your Gutenberg elements, please follow the steps below:

First, navigate to your Block settings Entrance Animation Panel.

  • Animation: select the animation that you want to apply on Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile devices.
  • Duration: Set the animation duration in milliseconds.
  • Delay (ms): Set the delay time before the animation starts.
  • Easing: Set the easing type.


Concluding our exploration of the Gutenberg Entrance Animation feature, it’s clear that incorporating these dynamic effects can significantly enhance the appeal and engagement of your WordPress site. By utilizing Premium Blocks for Gutenberg, you have access to a suite of animations that breathe life into your dynamic WordPress content, ensuring your site remains vibrant and captivating. The steps provided in this content animation tutorial empower you to effortlessly integrate animations, making your site more interactive and visually appealing. As you continue to experiment and apply these animations across your site, remember that each entrance effect can uniquely highlight your content within interactive web design, making every visit a memorable experience for your audience.

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