Gutenberg Bullet List Block Tutorial


Gutenberg Bullet List Block Tutorial is a straightforward guide for anyone using WordPress. It shows you how to create and customize Premium Blocks Bullet List in the Gutenberg editor. The tutorial covers layout and design settings, how to add items, and style options. This is useful for anyone looking to enhance their website with organized and visually appealing lists. Whether you’re new to WordPress or have some experience, this guide makes it easy to improve your site’s content with bullet lists.


Before you start with Gutenberg Bullet List Block in WordPress, make sure the required plugin is installed and turned on.

  • Premium Blocks for Gutenberg – The Free WordPress Plugin.
  • Recommended* Kemet Full-Site-Editing WordPress Theme.

How to Use Gutenberg Bullet List Block?

Open the Gutenberg editor, select Premium Bullet List Block, choose your list type, and customize its look and placement on your page.

General Settings

After choosing Premium Bullet List Block, you can modify its settings using the available options.

  • Title: An input field for the title.
  • Show Bullet: A toggle switch that likely determines whether a bullet point or icon appears next to the title.
  • Type: Tabs for selecting the type of visual representation to accompany the title, with options for “ICON”, “IMAGE”, “SVG”, and “LOTTIE”.
  • Select Icon: A dropdown menu for choosing an icon, showing that an icon is currently selected (indicated by an arrow and x symbol).
  • Link: A toggle switch that, when enabled, would make the title or associated icon clickable.
  • URL: An input field for the web address that the title or icon would link to, which is currently set to “#” (often used as a placeholder for a link).
  • Open in new tab: A toggle switch that, if enabled, would make the link open in a new browser tab when clicked.
Gutenberg Bullet List Block general settings panel for a layout component with fields for title text, toggles for showing a bullet and link, options for icon type, and a checkbox to open links in a new tab
Gutenberg Bullet List Block – General Settings
  • If the bullet type is Lottie you will have the below options:
  • Lottie URL: An input field for entering the URL where the Lottie animation file is hosted.
  • Loop: Switch it on to make the Lottie animation repeat indefinitely.
  • Reverse: Enable to play the animation in reverse order.
Gutenberg Video Box Block settings for a Lottie animation with options to enter the animation URL, and toggles for loop, reverse playback, creating a hyperlink, and opening the link in a new tab
Gutenberg Video Box Block – Lottie Bullet Type

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