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Why should use Premium Global Settings for Gutenberg? The essence of a professionally designed website lies in its consistency. Premium Blocks Global Settings for Gutenberg empowers you to establish a cohesive visual language across your site, ensuring uniform colors, typography, and layout. This guide delves into how to activate and utilize Global Settings within your Gutenberg Editor, streamlining your design process and elevating the overall user experience of your website.


  • You will need Premium Blocks free plugin installed and activated on your website.
  • Also, make sure that this Feature is enabled in Plugin Settings.

How to Enable Global Settings in Post Editor for Gutenberg?

  • Premium Blocks Plugin: Essential for accessing Global Settings features.
  • Feature Activation: Ensure the Global Settings feature is activated in the plugin settings.
  • How to Enable Global Settings in Post and Site Editor for Gutenberg?
  • Post Editor: Navigate to WP Dashboard -> Premium Blocks -> Settings tab. Activate the Global Setting Sidebar feature.
  • Site Editor: Utilize a block theme supporting Full Site Editing and ensure the Global Settings feature is activated.

How to Enable Global Settings in Site Editor for Gutenberg?

  • You will need to use a block theme that supports WordPress Full Site Editing.
  • Head up to your WP Dashboard -> Premium Blocks -> Settings tab and make sure that the Global Settings in Post Editor feature is enabled in Plugin Settings.
  • From The Settings tab make sure that Global Setting SideBar in Site Editor feature is enabled.

How to Use the Global Settings for Gutenberg?

Click on the three-dots icon at the top right. You’ll see the Gutenberg editor options opening up, and under the plugins section, you’ll find Premium Blocks for Gutenberg Settings.

Global Colors

Set a global color palette that will be used. You can choose the default theme color palette these colors are locked and cannot be modified or Premium Blocks for Gutenberg preset color pallets. You can also add a new custom color or delete a custom color if you want.

If you choose the premium blocks color palette as your default color palette the colors will be applied to the premium blocks elements.

How to Apply Premium Blocks colors to the Gutenberg native blocks?

  • First, choose Premium Blocks colors as your default color palette.
  • Enable the Apply to Native Blocks option in the color section.

How to add a new custom color?

Click on the plus button in custom colors.

How to delete a custom color?

Hover on the color and you will see the delete icon click on it to delete.

Global Typography

Establish consistent typography styles for headings, buttons, and paragraphs. Learn to select font sizes, families, weights, and more for a harmonized textual appearance across your site.

Typography options:

  • Font Size: You can set the size of the font for different devices and also change the unit px or em.
  • Font Family: Choose your preferred font type and google fonts are fully included.
  • Font Weight: Choose the thickness of a font.
  • Line Height: You can set the line-height of the font for different devices by the px unit.
  • Letter Spacing: You can set the letter-spacing of the font for different devices by the px unit.
  • Font Style: Choose your preferred font style.
  • Text Transform: Set text-transform lower case, upper case, or none.
  • Text Decoration: Set text-decoration line through, underline, or none.

How to Apply Premium Global Typography to the Gutenberg native blocks?

Enable the Apply to Native Blocks option in the typography section.

Layout Settings

Define global values for container block widths and responsive device breakpoints, ensuring your website’s layout adapts seamlessly across different screens.


Premium Global Settings for Gutenberg are a game-changer for website design, offering a centralized approach to creating a uniform look and feel. By configuring global colors, typography, and layout settings, you can achieve a consistent and professional website design that enhances brand identity and improves user experience. Embrace the power of Global Settings to streamline your design process and maintain design consistency across your entire website.

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