Elevate Your User Experience with Enhanced Button Group and Shape Divider UX, and Seamlessly Responsive Preview Compatibility!

We’re excited to announce the latest update for Premium Blocks for Gutenberg page builder plugin V2.0.17. This update includes several new features, bug fixes, and improvements that will enhance your experience with our plugin.

Optimized Styling Code Organization for Improved Design Workflow

We understand how important it is to have a clean and organized codebase, which is why we have improved the way we organize our CSS code in Premium Blocks for Gutenberg. With this update, you will find that global settings are now prioritized first, followed by block styles in an organized and logical manner. This will result in a more efficient and enjoyable design workflow for all users.

Enhanced User Experience

In this update, we’ve also focused on improving the overall user experience of our Premium Blocks for Gutenberg page builder plugin. We’ve fixed the alignment option within the container block to ensure proper alignment of content, making it easier for you to create consistent layouts. We’ve also added alt tags for all images in all blocks, improving accessibility and SEO. Additionally, we’ve fixed compatibility issues with device preview in the Gutenberg editor, ensuring a seamless editing experience for you. These changes will help you create designs more efficiently and effectively with our WordPress page builder.

New Features

We’re thrilled to introduce new features in this update that will give you more control over your designs in our Gutenberg page builder. We’ve added a button group block to all inner blocks that utilize buttons, allowing for more cohesive button designs. We’ve also updated the shape divider in the container block to provide more customization options and flexibility for you. With these new features, you can create unique and creative designs that stand out from the rest using our Premium Blocks for Gutenberg page builder.


We hope you enjoy this latest update for our Premium Blocks for Gutenberg plugin. As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions to help us continue improving our plugin for the Gutenberg page builder. Thank you for choosing our plugin and happy designing!

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