Premium Blocks Got Performance Refinements

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Premium Blocks for WordPress sites based on Gutenberg Page Builder just got even better! We’re excited to announce a new update that includes performance refinements for your website’s speed optimization and makes it more efficient than ever before.

We strive to enhance the performance of Premium Blocks for Gutenberg to help our users create websites that are speedy and responsive. as Slow website loading times can negatively impact the user experience and lead visitors to leave your site before they have a chance to explore it.

Loading Styles in the Header Tag

Premium Blocks for Gutenberg now has a new feature that helps your website load faster. The feature moves the styles of Premium Blocks to the top of the page instead of loading them inline in the body tag. This means your website’s styles will load faster for a smoother user experience.

Improved Performance with Asset File Generation option for Premium Blocks

We have added a new option to the Premium Blocks for WordPress Gutenberg page builder that generates a separate CSS file for your Premium Blocks and saves it in the uploads folder. This can help your WordPress website load faster and provide a better user experience. The browser can cache the file separately, which leads to faster loading times.

We care about your visitors’ experience and understand the significance of a fast and efficient WordPress website. This new feature is just one of our efforts to improve the performance of Premium Blocks for Gutenberg.

Enhancements to the Heading Block: Improved Performance and Loading Speed

We’ve also made enhancements to the code of the heading block in the WordPress Gutenberg page builder to improve its performance. The Premium Heading Gutenberg Block is one of the most commonly used blocks in WordPress page builder Gutenberg, so optimizing its code can have a significant impact on the overall speed and performance of your website. With these refinements, we are confident that you will notice an improvement in the loading speed of your WordPress website and a better user experience for your visitors. These enhancements to the Heading Block are just one of the many ways we are working to improve the performance and functionality of Premium Blocks for WordPress Gutenberg.


In summary, Premium Blocks for Gutenberg has been updated to improve website performance and make it faster and more efficient. The update includes two new features – loading styles in the header tag and asset file generation option – that can help improve website speed and provide a better user experience.

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