Manage Your Colors and Typography Using Gutenberg Global Settings

Premium Global Settings is a new tool to control the colors and typography of your website elements to be more consistent, Premium Blocks for Gutenberg introduces this tool in the new WordPress editor to apply global styles for all premium blocks and the native Gutenberg blocks.

Setting the Global Color Palette

Managing your elements’ colors from on convenient place is a very useful technique for web design. that method will speed up your design workflow and save a lot of time to build nice-looking pages.

Premium Blocks global colors come with seven predefined Color Palettes light and dark palettes that allow you to edit/add color of your selected palette, you can build your palette by saving a new palette button to use it across your website pages.

Your selected palette will manage all below elements in your premium blocks:

  • Buttons background color & links hover color.
  • Headings & Links color.
  • Body Text.
  • Borders Color.
  • Body Background & tint for input fields.

Click the Apply to Native Gutenberg Blocks option to apply global colors to your default Gutenberg Blocks, these colors will override the theme default settings.

Global Typography

Control the Global Typography of your Gutenberg Blocks headings (h1, h2, h3, h4, h5 & h6), buttons, and paragraphs across your website to make your pages more consistent from one place.

This tool will allow you to control the font size, font family, font weight, line height, letter spacing, font style, text transformation, and text decoration in your Gutenberg Editor.

Layout Settings

Breakpoints options help you build responsive websites, and use global layout settings to set a global value for Premium Blocks Container block width and responsive devices breakpoints.

Global Settings help you speed up your web design process in no time.

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