Gutenberg SVG Draw Block

Draw Icons and SVG Files Inside WordPress Websites

Gutenberg Native

Works seamlessly within the familiar Gutenberg editor, no need to switch to a separate interface.

Free and Powerful

The SVG Draw block for Gutenberg gives you the ability to get stunning drawable icons without breaking the bank.

ZERO Coding Experience

Anyone can create beautiful SVG animations, no coding knowledge necessary to complete the job.

Seamless Usability

Draw Stunning SVG Icons Directly in GutenbergUsing the SVG Draw for WordPress Gutenberg-Based Websites

Tired of complicated page builders for adding captivating visuals to your WordPress website? With Premium Blocks for Gutenberg, you can create eye-catching SVG animations right within the Gutenberg editor, for absolutely FREE. No coding is required! Just a few clicks and your website will come alive with dynamic visuals.

Reverse Animation

YOYO Effect

Loop Control

Drawing Speed

Level Up Visitors Engagement

Captivating AnimationsInside Your Gutenberg Editor

Breathe life into your content with stunning SVG Draw animations, all within the familiar Gutenberg editor for WordPress. Seamlessly, you’ll get the ability to engage your audience and boost conversions with eye-catching SVG animations which you can create directly in the Gutenberg editor.No coding skills are required!

Supercharge Your WordPress Website

Download Premium BlocksThe Free WordPress Plugin

Creating amazing-looking WordPress websites within the intuitive Gutenberg editor using Premium Blocks for Gutenberg.

Engage Your Audience

Craft Impactful SVGsEasily With No Complication

Eye-catching animations aren’t just visually appealing; they’re powerful tools for engagement and conversion. Animations grab attention, guide users through your content, and make your website more memorable. They can showcase complex processes, highlight important information, and breathe life into static content. By incorporating captivating animations, you can increase user engagement, improve comprehension, and ultimately drive conversions on your website.

Level Up Your WordPress Website

High PerformanceIs Our Paramount

Reliable and Secure

Premium Blocks prioritize stability and security, ensuring your content remains safe and accessible.

Cutting-Edge Updates

Constantly evolving, delivering new features and enhancements to optimize your creation experience.


Proudly crafted for speed, ensuring your website loads quickly and delivers a smooth user experience.

Icon Block for Gutenberg

Well Documented

Never get lost! Find comprehensive documentation and resources to guide you every step of the way.

Get Premium Blocks for GutenbergBuild Super Professional Websites

With ZERO Coding Knowledge Required

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