Gutenberg Modal Popup Block

Showcase a Lightbox with Additional Content Inside WordPress

Customizable Content

Create modal popups with fully customizable content, including text, images, videos, forms, or any other media.

Trigger Options

Choose from a variety of trigger options to control when and how the modal window appears to users on a web page.

Pen black icon on trensperant background

Advanced Styling

Enhance the visual appeal of your modal popup boxes with advanced styling options and entrance animations.

Lottie Animations Trigger

Drive Action and Capture Attention with Modal PopupsAn Easy-to-Use Modal Window Block for the WordPress Gutenberg Editor

Our Modal Popup block for the Gutenberg editor empowers you to create captivating messages that resonate with your audience. With customizable content and trigger options, you can strategically engage users at key moments, driving conversions and boosting engagement.

Click on Each Lottie Icon to See The Modal Popup Content

Custom Image Trigger

Multiple TriggersTo Fit Your Needs…

With the Modal Popup Block, you have complete control over when your popup appears. Choose from a variety of triggers like Buttons, Images, Lottie Animations, Text, and On-Page Load, ensuring your targeted message reaches users at the perfect moment to maximize impact and engagement. All of that could be adjusted seamlessly within the Gutenberg Modal Popup Block.

Click on Each Image to See The Modal Box Popup Content

Button and Icon Triggers

Buttons and Icons to Power Up Your PopupsAll Could be Found Inside Gutenberg’s Modal Popup Block

Craft compelling call-to-action buttons that trigger your popup content, or leverage the icon trigger to display popups when users click on them. This flexibility ensures your message reaches users at the perfect moment which will enhance user experience and drive engagement.

Text and On-Page-Load Triggers

Personalized PopupExperience Inside Gutenberg

Utilize text triggers to display your popup content based on specific keywords or phrases within your page content. This allows you to create contextual popups that seamlessly integrate with your existing content, providing additional information or calls to action exactly where users need them.

โ†  Pssst! I’m a Modal Popup! Click Me ;)
โ†  HEY! I’m Another Modal Popup Block
โ†  Click on Me Again for One More Time…

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