Getting Started With Premium Blocks Presets to build your Website faster

Improve your website-building process and use Premium Blocks Presets Feature which is a modern tool that helps you to build your pages faster and allows you to add ready-made designs to your pages. web designers can use it as a starting point to build starter templates then they can go to customize the layouts and build websites in less time.

Presets are pre-build aesthetic designs for the Gutenberg Blocks, they make designing a website so much easier because you will only select the preset of your choice and you do not need to design everything from scratch and take too much time.

Also, you can try different variations of your presets to find which one is better and fit your design.

Build Website Faster

A starter template helps you to save time and build initial blocks on your pages, so the presets of the Gutenberg editor give you control over design and you may only need to add your content without wasting your time in building every element of your page.

New Presets for Premium Button Block

Premium Blocks for Gutenberg an easy way to design WordPress pages faster than before, you can choose the button preset as your page design.

Today we have added 8 Presets to Premium Button Gutenberg Block.

There are a lot of amazing presets will come soon in the Premium Blocks, stay tuned.

About Leap13

Leap13 is a WordPress-focused web development firm specializing in building premium WordPress themes and plugins.

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