Enhance Your Website Building Process Using Blocks’ Variations Feature for Gutenberg

Block variations appear in the inserted as separate blocks with unique names and icons and can have pre-filled custom attributes and inner blocks. Block Variations allow to definition of instances of existing blocks.

The variations feature in the Gutenberg block allows you to choose different predefined layouts for the block. Each block variation is differentiated from the others by setting some initial attributes or inner blocks. Then at the time when a block is inserted these attributes and/or inner blocks are applied.

Can I change the block Variations I originally chose?

Yes, you can change the variation after you add it from the edit icon in the toolbar, which instantly updates the block’s appearance and structure. This enables you to experiment with different designs without starting from scratch.

Also, you can try different variations, or you can add or remove any block from the inner blocks to find which one is better and fit your design.

New Variations for Premium Icon Box Block

Premium Blocks for Gutenberg is an easy way to design WordPress pages faster than before, you can choose the Icon Box variations as your page design.

Today we have added 4 Variations to Premium Icon Box Gutenberg Block.

There are a lot of amazing Variations that will come soon in the Premium Blocks, stay tuned.


In conclusion, the Variations in Premium Blocks for Gutenberg allows you to choose different predefined layouts for the block. you can always change the layout you’ve chosen even after inputting your block contents by clicking the Edit button in the toolbar to go back to the variations screen.

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