Testimonials Block Tutorial


Customer Testimonials speak louder than words, and even louder than the company's own business and action. Taking great testimonials and integrating them in Premium Testimonials Block will boost your reputation, ultimately improving sales revenue.

Gone are the days of coding. Try Testimonials Block for Gurtenberg and see for yourself how easy it is to use it. But before doing so, see an actual demo from here.

Here are all Key Features summarized:

Key Features

  • Author
  • Content
  • Company
  • Quotations
  • Container

1. Author Options

Every option to change customer image, and font style, can be found herein.

  • Image
  • Font
  • Colors
Author options can be changed from here.


The most striking option for any customer testimonial is their picture/avatar. Here is how you can change the image. Simply click on Image, and under Author Image, click Change Author Image. Browse for the image from Wordpress Library or upload your own.

Options for changing images


Font settings allows you to change the color, size, weight, and text style for the Author Name within Testimonial Premium Block. You can also change whether you want the customer name, to be shown in uppercase or lowercase. Here are all options at your disposal:

  • Author HTML Tag
  • Font Size (PX)
  • Font Weight
  • Style
  • Uppercase
  • Letter Spacing (PX)
Changing options for Author Name


Colors option allows you to change the color of Author Name. Simply click on this option and select from one of your favorite colors. You can also select a custom color of your choice by clicking the custom color picker.

Color options in Testimonial Premium Block

2. Content Options

Content options in Premium Testimonial Block allow you to change font settings for the customer review. You can change color, font size, and margin spacing from the following options:

  • Font
  • Colors
  • Spacings


Font settings.

Font settings allows you to change size and height of customer testimonial. This is a powerful customization option, which can be easily changed to blend in line with your website design. To change font size and height, simply adjust the sliders as per your requirements:

  • Font Size (PX)
  • Font Height (PX)
Font Size and Height options.


To change Font Color, simply select from the given option, or pick one using color select tool.

Color settings.


Line spacing is the space between the image in Premium Testimonial Block and the text. To make the testimonial more visually appealing, it is important you adjust these settings so that the spacing is neither too narrow, nor too wide between the image. Here are the settings you can adjust:

  • Margin Top (PX)
  • Margin Bottom (PX)

3. Company Options

This option allows you to change the font settings for the company name, which appears at author's (customer's) end in Premium Testimonial Block for Gutenberg. You can define the HTML tag and size for the company name. To adjust colors, feel free to select the one which matches with your website's overall theme.

What is the point of having a testimonial that cannot be verified from the original purchaser/buyer? The ability to link the Company Name to a URL, allows viewers to see the buyer's website. Here are the settings you can adjust:

  • Font
    • HTML Tag
    • Font Size (PX)
  • Colors
    • Text Color
    • Dash Color
    • URL
      • Open in New Tab

4. Quotations Options

When you use Testimonial Premium Block for Gutenberg, you will notice, two nicely designed quotation marks at the beginning and the end of the block. Using these options, you can change their size, opacity and color to blend in with your website design. Here are the settings that you can change:

  • Size (EM)
  • Colors
  • Opacity
Quotations options

5. Container Options

Container is the entire block which contains Premium Testimonial Block for Gutenberg. It has Box Shadow, which enables you to change the color, orientation, blur and position of the shadow. Here is a look at complete settings:

  • Box Shadow
  • Shadow Color
  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Blur
  • Position
    • Inlet
    • Outline
Container options.

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