Stable and Beta Updates

Balancing the innovation of beta updates with the reliability of stable releases is crucial for maintaining a high-performing website. While stable versions of Plugin or Gutenberg updates include essential bug fixes and improvements, beta versions offer a sneak peek into upcoming features, allowing users to contribute feedback. Premium Blocks’ guide emphasizes the importance of updating to stable versions for performance and stability, while also exploring the potential of beta versions in a safe testing environment.

Enabling Automatic Beta Updates (Coming Soon)

Automatic beta updates represent an opportunity to test new features and improvements ahead of their official release. This section will guide you on how to opt-in for beta updates through your plugin settings, ensuring you’re at the forefront of new developments.

Plugin Version Control

Simply go to plugin settings > Version Control and check Enable Beta Updates box.

What if a Beta Version Broke my Website?

Despite the advantages of testing beta versions, there’s always a risk of encountering issues that could affect your website’s functionality. This section provides a solution for quickly reverting to a stable version should any problems arise from a beta update.

Rollback Plugin Updates

You can simply Roll back to the earlier version by going to plugin settings > Version Control and Click on the Reinstall button to do so.


Stable and beta updates each play a crucial role in the development and maintenance of your website. By engaging with both, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: the reliability of stable releases and the innovative potential of beta versions. However, it’s important to approach beta updates with caution, ideally within a testing environment, to prevent any disruptions to your live site. Should any issues arise, the ability to roll back to a stable version ensures your website’s integrity and performance remain intact. Embrace the future of website management by balancing stability with innovation, and contribute to the enhancement of PG through your valuable feedback on beta versions.

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