Gutenberg Section Block Tutorial

Do you want to attract more visitors to your website? Are you thinking of how to create eye-catching sections using Gutenberg editor? The answer is all about Premium Section Block for Gutenberg which will help you to create unique sections with many customization options to style them.

Check Gutenberg Section Block demo page from here.

Gutenberg Section Block
Gutenberg Section Block

Section Gutenberg Block Layout Settings

  1. Stretch Section: Enable to stretch the block section to full width of the page. You will need to reload the page after you enable this option for the first time.
    1. Content Width: Set content inside section width, should it take full width or boxed?
    2. Max Width: Set max width for content inside section block for boxed option.
  2. Height: Select section height fit to screen or minimum height.
    1. Min Height: Set minimum height for the section block.
  3. Content Position: Position section block content in top, middle or bottom.
  4. Align Content: Align section content to left, center or right.

Style Settings for Section Gutenberg Block

Style background color, border and spacing for Section block.

Gutenberg Section Block Style Options
Style Gutenberg Section Block

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