Plugin Settings

Navigating Premium Blocks’ guide about Plugin Settings is crucial for optimizing your website’s performance, functionality, and user experience. Whether you’re managing blocks in the Gutenberg Editor, integrating Google Maps, or participating in beta testing for future releases, understanding these settings can significantly impact your site’s efficiency and loading speed. This guide covers key aspects of Plugin Settings, including block management, Google Maps API integration, version control, and system information, providing you with the tools needed to enhance your website.

Plugin Settings


The blocks tab is where you can enable/disable PG blocks on Gutenberg Editor. Disabling the Blocks you don’t use will also exclude them from the code so it will improve the website performance and loading speed.

Google Maps API

you need to add the API Key for Google Maps here for the maps element to work properly. Click Here to learn how to use maps block.

Version Control

Here you can control your PG version.

Rollback to Previous Version

You can use this option if after updating to the latest version you experienced issues. clicking on this button will reinstall the earlier version automatically.

Become a Beta Tester

Turn-on Beta Tester, to get notified when a new PG beta version. released The Beta version will not install automatically. You always have the option to ignore it.

Please Note: We do not recommend updating to a beta version on production sites.

System Info

This tab gather or your system information for purposes like debugging and support. You may be asked to provide this information appears here when you request support from us.


Understanding and utilizing Plugin Settings is vital for any website owner or developer looking to optimize site performance and user experience. By managing blocks, integrating Google Maps, controlling plugin versions, and engaging with beta testing, you can ensure your website operates smoothly and efficiently. Keep these guidelines in mind to maintain a high-performing website that meets the needs of your users and leverages the full potential of your plugins.

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