Gutenberg Team Members Block Tutorial

Gutenberg Team Members block is a great way to display and show team members, employees, contributors, etc. on your website including their names, social media links, brief, and much more options.

You can just click on the editor element to select the block settings, Team Member is using nested blocks Which allow you inserting Image, Heading, Paragraph, Icons and button blocks inside the team member block.

Check Gutenberg Team Members Block demo page from here.

Gutenberg Team Members Block
Gutenberg Team Members Block

Team Member Gutenberg Block Support Nested Blocks

  1. Image Block: to add person's image.
  2. Heading Block: for the person name.
  3. Heading Block: for title of the person.
  4. Text Block: person description.
  5. Icon Group Block: for social links of the person.

Team Members Gutenberg Block Person Settings

Alignment option with styles options to add background color and adjust the spacing of the person block.

Style Settings for Team Members Gutenberg Block

Customize name, title, description, image, social icon and content style options for Team Members block with responsive options using nested blocks.

Gutenberg Team Members Block Style Options
Style Gutenberg Team Members Block

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