Gutenberg Team Members Block Tutorial

Elevate your WordPress website’s professionalism with the Gutenberg Team Members Block Tutorial. This guide introduces you to a powerful tool for showcasing team members, including detailed customization options for names, roles, bios, and social media links. Utilizing nested blocks for added flexibility, you’ll learn how to craft a team section that’s not only informative but visually appealing.

Check Gutenberg Team Members Block demo page from here.

Gutenberg Team Members Block Support Nested Blocks

Enhance team member profiles with nested blocks, allowing for the inclusion of images, names, titles, descriptions, and social links in a cohesive layout.

  1. Image Block: to add person’s image.
  2. Heading Block: for the person name.
  3. Heading Block: for title of the person.
  4. Text Block: person description.
  5. Icon Group Block: for social links of the person.

Gutenberg Team Members Block Person Settings

Fine-tune the alignment, background color, and spacing of each team member’s block for a customized and consistent appearance.

Style Settings for Gutenberg Team Members Block

Dive into the extensive style options for customizing the appearance of names, titles, descriptions, images, and social icons, with responsive design options for optimal viewing on any device.


Gutenberg Team Members Block Tutorial offers a comprehensive pathway to presenting your team with elegance and style. By leveraging nested blocks and custom style options, you can create a team showcase that reflects your brand’s professionalism and cohesiveness. This tutorial equips you with the tools to design a team section that stands out, making your website more personal and relatable. Check out the demo page for inspiration and start building your standout team showcase today.

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