Gutenberg Google Fonts Feature Tutorial


Premium Blocks for Gutenberg offers the ability to use Google Fonts, allowing you to choose from a vast collection of fonts to create unique and professional typography for your website with Gutenberg editor. With the Load Google Fonts Locally option, you can download and store Google Fonts on your WordPress website’s server, which can improve page load times and performance. You can also use the Preload Local Fonts feature, which loads your website’s fonts before the page is even displayed, ensuring that your visitors see your content as soon as possible. Finally, the Allow Only Selected Fonts option lets you choose a limited number of fonts to use, which can help simplify your design and improve readability.

With these powerful features, you can easily enhance your website’s typography using Google Fonts with Premium Blocks for Gutenberg.


To get Premium blocks on your WordPress website, make sure to install and activate the following plugin(s).

  • Premium Blocks for Gutenberg – The Free WordPress Plugin.
  • Recommended* Kemet Full-Site-Editing WordPress Theme.

How to Enable Load Google Fonts Locally Feature for Gutenberg?

  • Premium Blocks Plugin: Essential for accessing Global Settings features.
  • Feature Activation: Ensure the Google Fonts is activated in the plugin settings.
  • Post Editor: Navigate to WP Dashboard -> Premium Blocks -> Performance tab. Activate the Google Fonts feature.

What Are The Options Available in the Google Fonts Feature?

  • Preload Local Fonts: This option will be used to preload local fonts on your website.
  • Allow Only Selected Fonts: Use this option to show only a limited number of fonts in the block settings.

How to enable Preload Local Fonts Option?

Go to WP Dashboard -> Premium Blocks -> Performance tab and enable the Load Google Fonts Locally option then enable Preload Local Fonts suboption.

How to choose the allowed Google Fonts:

Go to WP Dashboard -> Premium Blocks -> Performance tab then enable Allow Only Selected Fonts option and select the fonts that you want.

Enable Gutenberg Google Fonts Feature in performance tab
Enable Gutenberg Google Fonts Feature


In conclusion, leveraging Gutenberg Google Fonts feature through Premium Blocks for Gutenberg significantly enhances your website’s typography, offering a seamless and efficient way to incorporate a wide range of Google Fonts directly into your WordPress site. By enabling the loading of Google Fonts locally, preloading fonts, and selecting only specific fonts for use, you can improve your site’s performance, speed up page load times, and ensure a consistent, professional look across your website. This tutorial arms you with the knowledge to harness these powerful features, ultimately elevating the visual appeal and readability of your site’s content.

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