Gutenberg Equal Height Feature


Welcome to the guide on using Gutenberg Equal Height Feature in Premium Blocks. This tool helps you create a polished and cohesive design on your WordPress site by making any Gutenberg blocks or elements the same height. It’s perfect for ensuring all your elements look consistent. Follow these steps to apply this feature across different devices, ensuring your content always looks great. Let’s explore how to use this powerful tool to create balanced and engaging designs.


To get Premium blocks on your WordPress website, make sure to install and activate the following plugin(s).

  • Premium Blocks for Gutenberg – The Free WordPress Plugin.
  • Recommended* Kemet Full-Site-Editing WordPress Theme.

How to Enable Equal Height Feature?

  • Feature Activation: Ensure the Equal Height Feature is activated in the plugin settings.
  • Navigate to Settings: Go to WP Dashboard -> Premium Blocks -> Global Features tab and activate the Equal Height feature.
Premium Blocks enable equal heights features.
Enable Equal Heights Features

What Are The Options Available in Gutenberg Equal Height Feature?

Gutenberg equal height feature in Premium Addons can be applied on:

  • Blocks: Apply an equal height feature on specific blocks.
  • Block Elements: Apply an equal height feature on a specific element inside Gutenberg Block.

How to Apply Gutenberg Equal Height?

If you have a Premium Blocks for Gutenberg Container with four different columns, each with different heights. To make the columns the same height:

  • Blocks: Select the target Blocks.
  • Enable Equal Height on: Select the devices you want to apply the Equal Height option on.
A screenshot showcasing a web design interface with various customizable premium blocks for Gutenberg for content management by using equal hight feature in a WordPress environment.
Apply Gutenberg Equal Height on Container

How to Apply Gutenberg Equal Height Using Blocks Elements Option?

Navigate to parent container > Advanced tab > Equal Height > Enable Equal Height option:

  • Blocks: Select the target Blocks.
  • Blocks Elements: Select the element to apply Equal Height on it.
  • Enable Equal Height on: Select the devices you want to apply the Equal Height option on.


Gutenberg Equal Height Feature is a powerful tool for improving your website’s look and usability. With Premium Blocks for Gutenberg, you can easily apply this feature to any blocks or elements, achieving a unified and responsive design. This tool ensures your site looks professional and offers a seamless user experience.

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