Google Maps Block Tutorial


If you are a business having physical presence, you can never underestimate the importance of Google Maps on your website. You need people, visiting your website, to also visit your store, shop, consultancy service, etc. Google Maps Premium Block for Gutenberg is the most advanced, accurate and best solution for providing directions to your business.

Using Google maps, users can easily navigate from their smartphones.

But don't take our word for it. Try Premium Google Maps Block for Gutenberg from here and see how powerful and easy it is to use.

Her are the Key Features of Google Maps Block:

Key Features

  • Center Location
  • Marker
  • Marker Title Style
  • Marker Description Style
  • Controls
  • Map Style

1. Center Location Options

This segment is quite technical in nature. You need to manually input Longitude and Latitude. To do this, click on Get your location coordinates from here which.will take you to another website. Here, you will write your location as an input, and receive Longitude/Latitude as an output. Paste the numbers and you will a location on the map. Here is how to do it:

Copy and paste the Latitude/Longitude from the website to Premium Google Maps Block

2. Marker Options

Marker is a blip appearing on your selected location on the Google Maps Premium Gutenberg Block. Under Marker, you will find numerous options that allow you to customize the looks of Marker. You can write Marker Title along with Descriptions as well as adjust the width and spacing of the text. You can also change your custom Marker Icon by enabling Custom Marker Icon option and selecting the file on Wordpress.

Do note that only once you enable the Marker, you will see its corresponding options. If it is disabled, there will be no settings shown. Here are all options:

  • Enable/Disable Marker
    • Marker Title
    • Marker Description
    • Spacing (PX)
    • Description opened by Default
    • Description Alignment
    • Custom Marker Icon (Enable/Disable)
    • Description Box Max Width (PX)
    • Description Box Padding (PX)
Marker Options

3. Marker Title Style Options

Google Maps Premium Block for Gutenberg has several styling options. You can even decide to change the size and color of Location Title:

  • Font Size (PX)
  • Text Color
Marker Title Style Options

4. Marker Description Style Options

Similar to Marker Title Style Options, you can change the font color and size for location description:

  • Font Size (PX)
  • Text Color
Marker Description Style Options

5. Controls Options

Under Control Options, you can adjust everything from how you want the Google Maps Premium Block to appear to enabling/disabling several features. You can select Map Type from dropdown menu. Other than this, you can also adjust Maximum Height.

The last 5 options can be enabled/disabled depending upon your preferences and requirements.

  • Map Type
    • Road Map
    • Satellite
    • Terrain
    • Hybrid
  • Max Height (PX)
  • Zoom
  • Map Type Controls
  • Zoom Content
  • Street View Control
  • Full Screen Control
  • Scroll Wheel Zoom
Complete Controls Options.

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