Gutenberg Dual Heading Block Tutorial

Do you want to create new amazing heading title in Gutenberg? Check our dual heading block for Gutenberg that will help you to get rid of boring Headings and level up your heading by separating and styling them in two different eye-catching styles.

Check Gutenberg Dual Heading Block demo page from here.

Gutenberg Dual Heading Block
Gutenberg Dual Heading Block

Dual Heading Gutenberg Block Layout Settings

  1. Display: Set heading display settings:
    1. Inline: Heading 1 & 2 on one line.
    2. Block: Heading 1 & 2 will be displayed on separate lines.
  2. Link: Switch on to assign link for heading.
    1. Open link in new tab: Enable to open link in a new tab.
  3. Alignment: Algin block to left, center or right.

Style Settings for Dual Heading Gutenberg Block

Style background, border, typography and much more option in resposive for dual heading container, first heading and second heading.

Gutenberg Dual Heading Block Style Options
Style Gutenberg Dual Heading Block

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