Dual Heading Block Tutorial


Premium Dual Heading Block for Gutenberg allows you to take your website headings to a whole new level by introducing two separate sections of Headlines that can be edited, customized and stylized. Get rid of boring Headings and download Dual Heading Block for free, but before that, go ahead and give it a test-drive from here.

Dual Heading Block for Gutenberg is totally free, and helps you in reducing your website bounce rate by enticing visitors to continue reading your content. Dual Heading Block makes your content readable and user-friendly, which is helpful for website rankings and traffic.

Key Features

  • General Settings
  • First Heading Style
  • Second Heading Style
  • Container Style
Dual Heading Settings.

1. General Settings Options

General Settings of Premium Dual Heading Block for Gutenberg allows you to enter Heading text for both Heading, namely in Primary Heading and Secondary Headline option.

You can also choose to hyperlink Dual Heading with a URL. When you enable the Link option, you can automatically choose whether the link should open in a new tab or not.

  • First Heading
  • Second Heading
  • Display
    • Inline
    • Block
  • Link
    • Open Link in new tab
Settings for linking Heading with URL

2. First Heading Style and Second Heading Style Options

Settings for First Heading Style and Second Heading Style are exactly the same. Hence, this tutorial for First Heading Style shall serve the same purpose for Second Heading Style options.

When you enable Clipped option, you will also have the ability to turn on/off Animated tab.

Firs Heading Style, same as Second Heading Style


Within this option, you can adjust Font Size, Font Weight and the Style. You can also adjust whether you want the Font in all Uppercase.

  • Font Size (PX)
  • Font Weight
  • Style
    • Normal
    • Italic
  • Uppercase
  • Letter Spacing (PX)
Font options including Size, Weight, Spacing and Style


Just like with any other Premium Block for Gutenberg, Dual Heading Block also allows you to adjust Text Color and Background Color.

Text and Background color


To change the Border Type and Radius, simply change the following options of Dual Heading Block for Gutenberg

Border settings

Text Shadow

You can adjust the following settings for giving a nice Text Shadow to your Dual Heading Block for Gutenberg:

  • Shadow Color
  • Blur
  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
Text Shadow settings including Color, Blur and Orientation settings


Spacings option allows you to adjust spacing for margin and padding in the Dual Heading Block for Gutenberg. Here is how you can change them:

  • Margin Left
  • Margin Right
  • Padding
Spacings Options

3. Container Style

You can change the Background Color for the container in Premium Dual Heading Block for Gutenberg in this setting.

  • Background Color
Container Style Options

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