Gutenberg Count Up Block Tutorial

Premium Count Up block for Gutenberg is an excellent way to provide facts, figures and statistics via cool animations. You have the ability to use either Font Awesome icons, WordPress dash icons or images alongside a myriad of customization options.

Check Gutenberg Count Up Block demo page from here.

Count Up Gutenberg Block Layout

Count up block consist of nested blocks.

  1. Icon block
  2. Counter block
  3. Heading block

Style Settings for Count Up Gutenberg Block

Customize Premium Count Up Block styling options for container.

Container Style for Gutenberg Count Up Block

  1. Background Type
  2. Box Shadow
  3. Border
  4. Padding


Numbers deliver information faster and in a more attractive way to website visitors. Premium Gutenberg Count Up Block will allow you to show facts and figures. Also, you can set an icon or custom image. In addition, there are several choices for customizing the appearance.

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