Copy and Paste Gutenberg Blocks Styles


Tired of tweaking individual blocks to achieve a cohesive design on your WordPress site? Premium Blocks for Gutenberg has the answer! Their new copy-and-paste styles feature dramatically streamlines the process, letting you replicate your favorite block designs in seconds. This is a must-have tool for anyone using the Gutenberg editor.


To get Premium blocks on your WordPress website, make sure to install and activate the following plugin(s).

  • Premium Blocks for Gutenberg – The Free WordPress Plugin.
  • Recommended* Kemet Full-Site-Editing WordPress Theme.

How to Enable Copy and Paste Gutenberg Blocks Styles in Post Editor for Gutenberg?

  • Premium Blocks Plugin: Essential for accessing Global Settings features.
  • Feature Activation: Ensure the Copy and Paste Styles feature is activated in the plugin settings.
  • Post Editor: Navigate to WP Dashboard -> Premium Blocks -> Settings tab. Activate the Copy & Paste Styles feature.
nable Copy and Paste Gutenberg Blocks Styles
Enable Copy and Paste Gutenberg Blocks Styles

How to Copy and Paste Gutenberg Block Styles?

Apply Copy and Paste Styles on any Gutenberg Blocks
Apply Copy and Paste Gutenberg Blocks Styles
  • Add two blocks of a similar kind on a page or post.
  • Highlight the block that you would like to copy the style from and click on Premium Copy & Paste icon.
  • Select “Copy Style” from the drop-down menu.
  • Highlight the block that you would like to paste the style to and click on the Premium Copy & Paste icon.
  • Click on “Paste Style” from the drop-down menu.

📢 Attention: Allow Clipboard Access for Seamless Copy-Pasting of Styles!


Say hello to faster, more consistent website design with the copy-and-paste styles feature in Premium Blocks for Gutenberg. This intuitive tool saves time and frustration, especially if you value a visually unified look on your WordPress site. Give it a try and see how easy it is to create professional-looking pages and posts with minimal effort.

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