Block Presets


Presets is a new feature in Premium Blocks for Gutenberg, this feature provides you with a set of building blocks – they can be used to create many different types of designs with a look and feel matching the customer’s desired look.

 These presets will help the end user to:

  •  Create content faster
  •  Keep new content aligned with the design
  •  Focus on creating great content instead of fiddling with design details

How to use Presets in Premium Blocks for Gutenberg?

 With the right set of presets, you will simply drag a preset onto an editor, make some minor modifications, and… that's it! Great-looking content in only a tenth of the time it would take them to set it up from scratch.

 Now presets in premium blocks for Gutenberg are compatible with global settings,
 the colors of presets can be changeable accordion to the color palette in global settings

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