Gutenberg Banner Block Tutorial

Boost your website’s visual appeal and effectiveness with the Gutenberg Banner Block Tutorial. The Banner Block for Gutenberg is a versatile tool designed to capture your visitors’ attention, directing them to crucial information or calls to action on your site. Whether promoting services, announcing events, or guiding users to important content, Premium Blocks’ tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on customizing your banner for any purpose.

Banner Gutenberg Block Layout Settings

Adjust the banner’s layout with settings for style, hover effects, image links, and alignment, ensuring your message stands out and engages users from the first glance.

Gutenberg Banner Block Layout Settings

  1. Remove Image: Click to remove image from the block.
  2. Link: Enable to assign link for the image.
    1. Open link in new tab: Enable to open image link on new tab.
  3. Banner Style: Select from 6 styles that are available in Premium Banner Block for Gutenberg.
  4. Always Hovered: Enable this option if you want to use these effects without hovering over the image.
  5. Image Hover Effect: Select the effects that affect the background image itself.
  6. Height: Select banner height default or custom:
    1. Min Height (PX): Set minimum height for image.
    2. Vertical Align: Set the banner vertically to align top, middle, bottom or full.
  7. Hide Description on Mobiles: Enable to hide description on mobiles for better UI.
  8. Align Content: Align content to left, center, or right.

Gutenberg Banner Block Heading Settings

Optimize your banner’s heading with customizable HTML tags, helping to improve SEO and draw attention to your banner’s key message or call to action.

  • HTML Tag: Set banner heading tag from H1 to H6.

Style Settings for Banner Gutenberg Block

Personalize your banner with detailed style settings for the overlay, title, description, and container, including options for typography, text color, and shadows, creating a cohesive and branded look.

General Style for Gutenberg Banner Block

  1. Overlay: Set overlay for banner on Normal and Hover.
  2. Css Filter

Title & Description Style for Gutenberg Banner Block

  1. Typography
  2. Text Color
  3. Text Shadow

Container Style for Gutenberg Banner Block

  1. Box Shadow
  2. Border
  3. Padding


Gutenberg Banner Block Tutorial unlocks the potential to create visually striking banners that effectively convey messages and encourage action. With its wide range of customization options, the Banner Block empowers you to design banners that are not just informational but also integral to your website’s navigation and user journey. Visit the demo page for inspiration and start leveraging banners to highlight key content, promote actions, and engage your audience like never before.

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